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Matt McLeod 

I got a referral to get a valuation on my business after being in business for 21 years. My whole experience with Chris Scully was fantastic. He was incredibly polite, professional, and responsive. I gathered all the requested information and he put it all together very quickly and was very informative and explained all the info very clearly. I highly recommend Chris for any services



Robert M. 

Chris and Anthony were great. They took the time to listen and explain. Both were professional and patient in our talks as we were open for business and waiting on customers as we spoke. Even though we have decided not to sell at this time, we will use Chris and Anthony when the time is right.


Phil B.

Chris explained the procedure for selling my business. He was very helpful, even though my business is small. He was also very professional and thorough with his explanations. I have since decided to not sell my business but will in the future once I build it up a bit more. Thanks again Chris.


Sil Kaelin 

Spoke with Chris, was easy to contact. Chris was so helpful, gave me information on how to sell and he was very knowledgeable. And it was nice talking with someone who took the time to explain the breakdown of steps.


Sofia Aymerich 

I had an excellent positive experience with Christopher. I found him to be honest, knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to my needs. He helped me determine the value of my business in a quick manner and with his experience, I was able to set realistic expectations. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seriously considering valuing and selling their business.


Brian J 

Chris was professional and helpful in pricing my business and finding a qualified buyer. He walked me through the process from start to closing. He helped me understand the reasonable expectations of selling my business. I would highly recommend his services.- Brian J


Jody Burgess 

I purchased a business in 2020 and Chris Scully was instrumental in getting the deal done! He went above and beyond for all parties involved and was a true professional. He has a high level of integrity and experience. I highly recommend working with Chris Scully for buying or selling business.

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